Who is  EVENTshipping​.com

Scheduling your shipments
​Dan will personally register "book" your shipments 7 days a week via air, ocean or ground, with the best carrier to insure timely pick up and delivery and in the most cost effective manner.​​​


              Rate quote 

Send an email, text or call  with
the information on your next event, trade show or time critical shipment - including the approx weight and dimensions- and I will work up a competitive rate in minutes.




What we do for you?

Track,  trace and update
Dan will personally track and trace each and every shipment, weekend or holiday, rain or shine; and keep you updated until delivered and a POD sent to you.

The travel agent,
of the shipping  business

"we are a freight shipping management company,
          that provide our services to our client's, 

Pre- show BOL preparation

 Dan will personally prepare your Bill Of Ladings and labels and send them to you via email prior to your scheduled pick up. I work closely with your vendors, custom brokers and event venue personnel to insure acuracy on every move.

Shipping carrier selection.
Should you go big or small?

The answer is.  You should go big AND small. With all your hard work planning and organizing your event or trade show - from booth purchase to venue selection - the last thing you want is your exhibit and promotion collateral to be - lost in space - because of your selection of a shipping company that could care less about YOUR time scheduleYou want a person you can phone, text or email 7 days a week, that knows you personally and has a team big enough to handle any size shipment anytime and anywhere. More

We are a Freight Shipping Management Services Company,  We represent our client's shipping requirements in all areas of trade show, events and time critical shipping, worldwide; via
Land, Air or Sea - at a moments notice.

​​Hi. I'm Dan

I have over 30 years experience in all areas of shipping, worldwide.  I am a self described "customer service freak" that prides myself on being responsive to my client's needs  -7 days a week via phone, text or email.

I provide the following list of pre-show and pre-ship services Free-of-charge.  My clients only receive a competitive rate from me and invoice direct from my partner carriers. I  work with my client pre-show to discuss how to plan their shipping requirements, to get the best costs, while insuring an on-time and intact pick up and delivery of their goods. I have always told my clients that I look at their position of one that organizes a play. And, if their boxes, crates or product does not arrive on time, the show does not go on.  ​ And I don't miss shows.